It has been awhile since I last posted.  This year I attempted to achieve certifications, learn new things, and continue to grow professionally.  With less than a few months I am ready to end this personal challenge on a very strong note.  In a few weeks I’ll be taking the RHCE exam for RHEL 6.   Due to the NDA and the hands-on lab environment, this exam has a tough reputation.  No multiple choice, no braindumps, no cramming.  Just you and a RHEL box for 4+ hours.

I’ve been preparing for this ever since I passed my last LPI based Ubuntu exam.  My studying has been extremely hands-on.  I setup countless virtual and physical machines running CentOS 5, RHEL 5, and more recently, RHEL 6.  The material I used for studying comes right off Red Hat’s training webpage and their list of RHCE exam objectives.  I also read Michael Jang’s RHCE book.  I followed my self study with 2 virtual training classes from Red Hat.  These were very helpful as they provided lab examples of realistic scenarios that mimics the exam objectives.  I was not able to take the exam as planned in October due to the birth of my first son, who came just a few weeks early.  The silver lining is that my exam will now be based on RHEL 6, which recently came out this month.  For the next few weeks I will be applying all that I’ve learned to this new version.