I'm starting this post during the COVID-19 quarantine in 2020. I have both extra time on my hands and the need to disconnect. With that said, I realized it was difficult to recall every show I recommend on streaming platforms. This is the list of what I've found to be worthwhile to watch. None of it is particularly family friendly.

In making this list, I've realized the only show I regularly watch on a cable network is Better Call Saul on AMC. That and Rick and Morty.



Name What I think
Stranger Things Clear recommendation and 3 seasons of a cult classic
Away Good space series
The OA Awesome show that was canceled after 2 great seasons
Ozark Jason Bateman is great and season 3 just dropped
Middleditch and Schwartz Only a few episodes but hilarious
Bright Amazing movie with Will Smith
Altered Carbon It's ok, hard to follow sometimes
Maniac Unique aesthetic with Jonah Hill and Emma Stone
Designated Survior
Daredevil Looking back at the Marvel shows on Netflix, not every show was great. Daredevil was good.
Punisher My favorite Marvel show on Netflix
Marriage Story Adam Driver and Scarjo in an award-winning movie
Space Force it's ok, pretty funny
I am Mother Scifi movie
Extinction Scifi movie
American Factory Award winning documentary
Taken Basically like Jack Ryan. I would watch it when flying because Netflix was the only app I could download episodes to watch offline

Prime Video

Name What I think
Man in the High Castle First few seasons were great. Hard to get into Season 4
Upload Really funny Greg Daniels show
Gymkhana Files Great if you like cars. A sieres following the creation of Ken Block's Gymkhana 10 YouTube video
The Boys Highly recommend it
The Patriot I was sad to see this one canceled, it was a really good show
Jack Ryan Not bad, good production value and it does have Jim from The Office
Homecoming Deep story line with Julia Roberts
Hunters Engaging with suspense. Al Pacino leads a group of Nazi hunters in the 70's
The Expanse Hell yes to all the seasons
The Feed Not bad if you've ran out of things to watch
The Report Adam Driver in a movie? Sign me up.
Carnival Row Slow start, but a few episodes in and it's really engaging
Late Night Funny movie with Mindy Kaling
Betas It's like Silicon Valley, but not as good. Still had good parts

Apple TV+

Name What I think
See By the end of the season I was hooked. Looking forward to Season 2
The Morning Show Really good
For All Mankind A very interesting show that was engaging
Ted Lasso Awesome and uplifting
Mythic Quest Didn't think I would like it, a few shows in and I loved it
The Banker It's a movie and I enjoyed it
Defending Jacob Really pulled me in
Greyhound Good Tom Hanks movie

CBS All Access

Name What I think
Star Trek Discovery Season 2 was much better than Season 1
Star Trek Picard A new take on Star Trek, I liked it


Name What I think
The Mandelorian This is the way ... I have spoken


Name What I think
Homeland Long running show and the latest season is strong
Billions Great show and new season coming out soon
Kidding Season 1 was awesome, just realized Season 2 came out. Need to watch it


Name What I think
Game of Thrones Obvious. Dragons.
West World Currently in Season 3 and it's a strong season so far
I know this much is true
Big Love If you've never seen it, go back. It's a great series
Boardwalk Empire I liked this show when it was on
Chernobyl Very well executed and engaging
The Plot Against America Currently watching and so far it's good
Silicon Valley Good tech humor
Succession Season 2 ended phenomenally
Veep Was good when it was on
Avenue 5 Good actors, and not a bad show. Wasn't fully engaging

Noteable mentions
Good shows to try to find and binge from cable networks

  • Mr Robot
  • Breaking Bad
  • Better Call Saul
  • Rick and Morty