Recently I made a big change in my sanitation process for the kegerator and I’ve been very happy with the results. For the first 10 of so 1/6 barrels I religiously ran a powder based sanitizer and rinse through the beer lines between each keg. Recently I replaced the beer line for added length. I was battling the occasional funky floater or blockage in the faucet spout. I would wash the faucet and coupler with hot soapy water when I cleaned out the line. That wasn’t enough. My floater/blockage issues were not excessive, but I wanted to totally eliminate them.

I picked up some Star San from Northern Brewer. The guy working the counter at the store gave me a great idea and it’s been very helpful. I take half an oz of the Star San and add it to a gallon of distilled water. This keeps it stable for longer periods of time. If the mixture starts to look cloudy, it’s no longer good. Star San is safe and doesn’t require rinsing. I now soak the faucet and coupler parts in the solution. I also run a little bit through the line after my powder cleaner run through. I find that it really does help keep the funk out. Also, I keep a small spritzing bottle next to my tower and at the end of every night I give 3 sprays up the faucet. Because it’s no-rinse that is all I have to do.