2 years ago I tapped my first keg. I learned a lot about pressures, temperatures, cleaning techniques with this project. Even though I’ve only had a few different beers on tap, it’s also pushed me to try more variety.   I’ve tried to stay local with what I have on tap. I’ve only ordered kegs from craft breweries. I started with 1/6 barrels, but moved to 1/4 barrels when I found it fit (just barely). The 1/4 barrels are a better value and allows me to not have to clean out my lines every few weeks.

In 2 years the kegerator has held 27 kegs:
  • (16) 1/6 barrels
  • (11) 1/4 barrels
  • Totals – 1,354 pints (167.81 gallons)
  • (2.5) 5lb co2 bottle fills
  • (3) beer lines (replaced regularly)