430 New Beers in Two Years.

My first experience with beer was quite formative. I was 5 and was standing in front of my father’s kegerator with a dixie cup. Before »

Juniper JNCIA

When this blog was started I was persistently trying to learn new things and obtain new skills and certifications. I have been proud of what I've »

The tiny details.

The ability to devote attention to detail is important. Learning how things are made helps to bring that ability to a new level. One example is »

Build Something.

It's great to build something. To create something from little or next to nothing. Something that is useful. Sometimes a small project or challenge can be »

Kegerator 2.0

For years small craft breweries have broken my heart. They change keg size offerings, discontinue specific beers, or run into production constraints. All understandable, but hard »